The Landscape Through Perceptive Eyes

I have had the good fortune to be born in the country and grow up with a farming family. It is therefore I´ve lived very close to nature ever since childhood. My eyes taught me, at an early stage in my life, to register the different phases of change in flora and fauna. My mind absorbed that special atmosphere which always occurs with this change. During nearly sixty years of looking and conscious registration I established a basis for my painting.

The average observer certainly looks around and gets those impressions which he or she wishes to experience, but the artist and the nature photographer do not just look, they see with eyes which record the play between light and dark, see the harmony and contrast of colours, which in itself is a condition in which a picture should be created. Many people are blessed with "perceptive eyes" but to capture the soul of a motif is something only a few are able to attain.

Technically it is not difficult to paint a natural motif with brushes and paints, but to give the painting the atmosphere and life which surpasses the photograph, to give the observer the feeling of strolling into the painting and sharing natures secrets will always be grounded or created by our own fantasy: only a few are blessed with this creativity. As a current painter-colleauge put it: "The animated landscape."

To create the drama of an inspiring landscape gives the creator the same feeling of success as when a musician reaches the climax of his virtuosity in a difficult passage. This gives me a feeling of compensation for all the lonely hours of work in the studio, and the inspired painting gives the observer a pastoral harmony, which completes everything as I had planned it.

Jörgen Salmose 1991